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Classified and Unclassified Defense Analysis–
Strategic Business Planning–Corporate Aquisitions–Merger Strategy

The RJBath Group is poised to fulfill your defense and business consulting needs.

We invite you to mine a wealth of experience, creative ingenuity and high level contacts – garnered from ten years of assignments in the Pentagon on the Quadrennial Defense review, as USAF Director of Strategic Planning and on the Commission on Roles and Missions of the Armed Forces – when pursuing solutions for your business or defense related goals.

The RJBath Group brings quality performance and has a broad spectrum of professional (and technical) skills to aid large corporations as well as small to mid-size businesses. We can help maximize your competitive edge, especially in today's economic climate.

Let us help you achieve an elevated level of success.

Registered with Central Contractor Registration & ORCA.
NAICS code: 541611
DUNS#: 800100658

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